Movin on up……. to DC

So my friends, it   it looks like  my days on the road have come to a halt as I have made the decision to move on up to Washington,DC to attend graduate school in the fall. Instead of consistently being in a new place, I decided it might be nice to try out a  place and stay there for more than 1 day at a time. haha. Grad school is something I have been considering for about a year now, and the timing seemed right, so I’m taking the leap of faith and going with it. ” The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” ~ Alan Watts I will be moving at the beginning of July to start a Graduate Fellow Position in the International Services Office at George Washington University, which basically means that I will be working with all of the international students at GWU. I will start my Master’s program in International Education there at the end of August. I am thrilled/scared for this new opportunity and what it holds for me. I can honestly say that I truly loved my job and my life as a road warrior, and I am sad to leave it behind. But I’m hoping that this change will lead me to good things for my professional career, and I hope to meet some cool people while I’m at it. And what better place to go and study international focused anything than to our nation’s great capital? I am going to DC this week to apartment scope, so I’ll keep you posted on what I find. For your entertainment, I have also included some fun facts about my former life as a road warrior.

Road Warrior Stats- July 2010-June 2012

Total States Visited During my Job: 15

Total Countries Visited :4 ( US, Canada, Spain, Argentina)

Total Cities Visited: 79

Total Colleges/Universities Visited:91

Total Miles Driven: 22,917 ( this doesn’t include miles covered in flights)

Favorite New City: Madison, WI

Favorite City All-around: Chicago, IL

Least Favorite City: Spartanburg, SC or Wheeling, WV ( hope I didn’t offend anyone with these)

Favorite Hotel: Hotel Indigo- Asheville,NC

Least Favorite Hotel: La Quinta Inn- Statesboro,GA

Prettiest State to Drive  Through: Virginia ( Shenandoah Valley is breathtaking)-Kentucky deserves an honorable mention as well

Least Favorite State to Drive through: South Carolina

Prettiest College Campus Visited:Washington & Lee University or University of Wisconsin-Madison

Favorite Chain Restaurant on the Road: Panera

Favorite Rental Car: Fiat 500

Favorite Schools to Visit: University of Georgia ( naturally), Mercer University, University of South Carolina, Auburn University, Birmingham-Southern College


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