Trip to DC

I’ve gotten a little behind on updating you guys on my travels, so I need to go back a few weeks. After my trip to Spain, I suffered from some serious jetlag,but luckily had only scheduled 1 trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the end of that week. I spent the following week in Florida( Tampa, Deland, and Orlando)  and was able to spend some time with my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousin Morgan. I just love the weather in Florida and have decided that I would like to retire in the Tampa Bay area in 40 years or so.

I spent the next week in the DC area, and I was so excited to see the cherry blossom trees, but they bloomed early this year gosh darn and I missed them. I have included highlights from my trip to DC below:

 Cities Visited: Washington, DC;Baltimore,MD;Fredericksburg,VA

 Parking Tickets: 1

 Parking Garage Incidents: 1

~ I stayed with my friend Sheenum who was a lovely hostess and lives in the best neighorhood in the city- DuPont Circle

~ I ate scrumptious food while I was there including Vietnamese, Ethiopian, homemade Italian food from Sheenum’s uncle, and I walked 2 miles to find my well deserved Baked and Wired cupcake.I chose the Texas Sheetcake one, and was not the least bit disappointed.

~ Everyone in DC seems to walk with a purpose and I was so bothered by how quickly everyone runs down the escalators to catch the metro. It’s like the whole city has a meeting to catch.

~ My friend Michaela explored the regentrified Eastern Market neighborhood with me on Sunday, and it has one of the coolest outdoor markets I’ve ever been to( antiques, jewely, vintage photos, furniture, food, etc)– . It reminded me of the weekend markets in Buenos Aires.

~ The parking situation is a cluster in DC and I managed to get a parking ticket as well as  had a minor incident with the rental car in a parking garage…. I would not recommend parking in this city unless you have a special permit.

~ It is so intriguing to try to guess where people are from in DC.They really could be from anywhere in the world. The person I asked for directions for in the Metro had a French accent, for example.

~I would like to give a shout out to the Sheraton hotel in Towson, Maryland because they had free cocktail and hors d’oeuvre hour for guest appreciation. It’s every Tuesday night in case you’re in the area.

~I visited George Washington University( where I’m more than likely going to grad school in the fall) to meet with some professors and current students. Keep this on the DL for now, as I still haven’t told my employer.

~This trip was originially intended for work, but I took full advantage of  my time there to explore neighborhoods, meet with staff at GWU, and to feel out DC to see if it’s where my next stop is going to be. ( I’ll go into more detail once I have confirmation on some pending details)

Stay posted for my next blog on America’s Heartland!!


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