Holiday in Spain…. and Portugal

Hola queridos! Today marks the day where I go back to where all it began for me….. España. I will be going for work as well as well as pleasure, and I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity by my company for this trip.My purpose in going is to accompany a site visit that we host every year for Spanish faculty members and study abroad administration from US universities who are interested in working with us.  We show them our facilities, wine and dine them, take them on cultural visits, and let them observe classrooms, homestays, internships, etc. I’m basically along for the ride.

I remember my first trip to Spain that I took with my highschool Spanish class for Spring Break back in 2001. I was enamored by the sights and people of Spain, and I was determined that I would improve my Spanish and get back there someday. I returned to study abroad with UGA 4 years later in a litte town called Cadiz, Spain on the southern coast, and I fell in love with the country again. I also met one of my best friends, Jamie Kyle, who will be meeting up with me on this trip and we will go back to that lovely little town to try to reemerge the memories from those carefree college summer days.  I also want to ask that you to keep Steph in your thoughts as she is a trooper and is coming to Spain for her first time even though she tore her ACL earlier this week. We’ll take good care of her of course. I feel so blessed to have a job that allows and encourages traveling abroad, and I am ready to soak in every minute of it. I will be visiting Seville,Spain for a week because that is where my company is based out of and where we started our first study abroad program. I will then move to the Mediterranean coast to a smaller city called Alicante, Spain where I will explore our other study abroad program there. I’m meeting up with Steph and Jamie in Valencia, Spain where we’ll make our way down to Portugal, which I’m ecstatic about since I’ve never been. I’ll keep you all posted with my blog, and I’d like to give a shout out to Miss Katie Bingeman to wish her a very happy birthday tomorrow! Hasta pronto!!

March 3rd-7th- Seville, Spain

March 7th-10th- Alicante, Spain

March 10th-12- Valencia, Spain

March 13th-15th- Cadiz, Spain

March 15th-18th- Lisbon, Portugal

March 18th-19th- Madrid, Spain


4 thoughts on “Holiday in Spain…. and Portugal

  1. Hola Bonnie: Hope you are gettled settled in Sevilla. Can’t wait to hear about your time there. You got out in the nick of time. We had tornadoes in the metro area on Fri. night. Take care, Love Mom

  2. Sounds like an incredible trip. Nice shoutout to one of atls top dodge ball players Jamie. I look forward to some good stories de la tierra de conejos!

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