Mix of Old and New

I always love going to Alabama, and this week proved to be a successful  one both professionally and in reuniting with new and old friends.  The weather was really nice all week, and the sky in Montgomery, Alabama was so celestial looking, that I just had to take a photo from my friends’ front yard.  I was in Auburn, AL on Valentine’s Day, and a group of other lady road warrior friends and I got together for a romantic dinner at the all-you-can-eat pasta bar in the hotel. It was nice to catch up on road stories with everyone, and I of course brought cupcakes as you can’t go through Valentine’s Day without something sweet. I think we were the only people in the restaurant that weren’t celebrating with a date, but I have to say that girls nights are sometimes the most fun. I think we were the loudest people in the restaurant. hah!  I ended the week in Montgomery, AL and stayed with a good friend of mine from highschool, Katie, and her husband.

It was nice to actually have a cozy house to stay at and to be able to go for a run in their adorable cookie-cutter neighborhood. I get so sick of those awful hotel gyms and having to stare at the wall on a treadmill. It’s so great to be able to stop in and visit with old friends as a part of the job. I came back home on Thursday afternoon this week, which was also awesome since I rarely am home before Friday. I had to part ways with my travel buddy Tina( the black Fiat), and I just don’t think any rental car will compare to her this season. 😦  I’m off to Virginia next week, so until then……



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