This week I will be in good ole Bama-  Birmingham, Auburn, and Montgomery. I had such a peaceful drive into town this evening as it was dusk when  I arrived into Birmingham, and I think the sky is at its prettiest at this time of day.  I always enjoy being in Alabama  as the staff members at the schools I work with are some of the friendliest among my regions. I love visiting Auburn especially because the town is adorable and they have my favorite hotel conference center with an all you can eat pasta bar. I will coincidentally be there on Valentine’s day, so you can bet I will be loading up on the carbs and vino. haha. I’m also happy to be stopping in to see a good friend of mine from highschool in Montgomery. It’s always  comforting to have friends who can host you on your travels, as staying at Hampton Inns and Spring Hill Suites can become a bit sterile and monotonous. So thank you to everyone who has hosted up their home to me on the road. It makes the weeks that much bearable. Cheers to a new week and all the surprises that it holds.


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