South Carolina Week- Spartanburg, Clemson

Gooooo Tigers!!

This week started off well because my sweet and edgy Fiat that I rented a few weeks back was returned to me. I decided to name the sleek back lil car Tina as she has been my road buddy for the 2nd time. This week hasn’t been too stressful so far.  I have spent 2 of my days in Spartanburg, SC though, and I must say that this is one of my least favorite cities. I always feel slightly depressed while being here.  To counter that though, I was in Clemson today and last nite, and I attended the Clemson vs. Maryland basketball game with some other providers and the study abroad office. It was a close game, and the Tigers almost won. These Clemson people are a spirited bunch. I also had the pleasure of eating a homemade milkshake from Clemson’s dairy.  It definitely wins the award for best icecream  at a college campus.  I’m pretty excited because for once, I am coming home on a Thursday. Sure beats last Friday when I arrived home at 11 pm. More to come when I’m in good ole Bama next week!


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